At Creature, most of the stuff we did for Jansport was pretty non-traditional and were often experiences. This is kind of where I really am into problem solving and getting scrappy. We made the Bonfire Sessions which were secret concerts. We created a contest where a group of people got to throw a party on Jansport's dime if they submitted the coolest idea. My favorite maybe was at Bonaroo where encouraged festival goers to create art of backpack canvas, track it online and find out what it became later in backpack form. What was common to all of these experiences is that we used them to gather all of our photography and video content for each year at these events. So, part event, part social media engagement, part product "taste testing" and also part production. I like it when you don't have enough money to do anything but figure out how to get it all done. The results end up producing new work and new ways to work.  

Jansport - Art Canvas

A cross-platform experience and brand activation where the people get to create the art for backpacks

Canvas is common to both artists and Jansport backpacks. So at Bonaroo we created a special experience where festival attendees could help create artwork that would eventually become special backpacks. We hung large pieces of canvas and gave would be artists the paint and tools and let them express themselves on the canvas. After the festival we took the canvas and created unique backpacks using the canvas. Participants could tag the section they made to see what became of their art work in its new life as a backpack.

Jansport - 500 Pine

A party recreating a long demolished quirky neighborhood becomes a photo shoot.

Jansport - Bonfire Sessions. 

A secret concert in the woods by a compelling band for those adventurous souls who track down the clues.