Nike football

Manchester United vs. Juventus clash

An early Creature assignment to promote an international exhibition match between two dominant teams that were important Nike clubs. The campaign included branded “phone booths” with a menu of random facts that supported each team’s claim to be the world’s finest club. 


The word’s greatest Manchester United Fan.


I randomly found Jack Keane, an Irish guy who claimed to be the world’s greatest Man Utd. fan and recorded him for one of the options in the Man Utd. phone booth. What happed was magic. He answered my question with what it meant to be such a fan with this single recording. There was no rehearsal and there were no edits. He just naturally rattled off the great accomplishments in club history and jumped into the play by play for the big moments. It’s worth a listen when you understand the context. But would have been impressive for a pro let alone just a guy who loves soccer.


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