Seattle’s Best Coffee

Bright Spots Everywhere. A gigantic brand do over from business strategy, to brand strategy, to brand identity and all things SBC.

A giant effort from Creature and Starbuck's sub-brand Seattle's Best Coffee as we worked together to rebrand and re-business a company. All the work came from the narrative Bright Spots Everywhere which organized the brand in look and feel and whatever we needed to make or communicate from product to social media. We just had to ask one question, “Is it is a bright spot?”

One highlight was re-imagining how coffee packaging worked and created a visual blocking system. 24 packages became 5. A bright spot.

The narrative Bright Spots Everywhere came from careful strategic planning and a truth about coffee. Coffee is at any point in your day, a natural bright spot. We wanted to convey this feeling with our voice and design. Everywhere was a word that was coming from our business strategy to be not a place, but everywhere and set the stage for future partnerships and innovations. 

Case study of the giant SBC brand overhaul. This is a great example of the power of a brand narrative to organize and inspire decision making.


Seattle's Best Coffee complete rebrand.