The Museum of Glass

Shatter Sessions

An activation to bring a new audience to a museum by destroying what they exhibit with music.

The Museum of Glass isn't as precious as one might think. It has a hot shop with artists blowing glass and throwing around all kinds of equipment. And yes, it also features some of the world's finest glass art in the world. But in order to entice a few new faces, we decided to do the obvious, shatter glass with sound to get people to come take a look.

The idea was called The Shatter Sessions. An event at the Museum of Glass where bands attempted to shatter glass with their performances. And yes, this is possible. But to do so required some innovation. 

We called them shatter boxes. Two were created. One was controlled by the band. A second could be used by those attending the event. Inside each shatter box was a crystal wine glass and were designed to focus frequencies to shatter the glass. Those at the event lined up to turn the dial and volume to the precise point and actually break the glass. My team on this outdid themselves as did the folks at Alarming Industries who have always been up for manifesting the most absurd of all ideas. 

Here is the TV spot. 

So satisfying

So satisfying

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 5.34.43 PM.png

The Case Study of the Shatter Sessions.