Supporting the opposition party in The Venezuelan Elections.

For the 2012 Elections in Venezuela there appeared to be a real chance to change the decaying regime of Hugo Chavez. Enrique Capriles had a large following yet faced serious challenges in the election just getting information out. With Chavez’s government controlling the media, messaging was censored and we looked for ways to solve the problem non-traditionally. The answer was found in the election process itself. Venezuelans are required to use their fingerprints in voting. This causes fear among the voters. While clearly Chavez was not behind our effort to “speak with your thumbs” he also might damage his reputation by stopping the campaign. So, while the message is bi-partisan, the existence of it propped up Capriles.



The Mark of Courage case study - MARCA TU HISTORIA

These stories are sometimes best told with video.


Campaigning with comedy.

Not all messages need to be so serious despite how serious the issues are. We tried a little dark comedy online.


To point out how disconnected Hugo’s priorities are from the issues facing his people, this campaign took his penchant for telling tall tales and amplified it. We showed how the world Hugo sees and the world that exists were entirely different places. People could create their own posters and share several cartoons about Hugo.

Nap time

Hugo explains the power shortages as a new nap time policy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.59.54 PM.png

Fired up

Chavez explains that oil is flammable and so it’s dangerous so he’s giving it away to keep the country safe.

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Dark humor. Murder or just better aim?

Dark humor. Murder or just better aim?